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and rescission shut down because of reports of an explosion and fire could what happened that caused this is somewhat delayed even stalling people in the trans way to. that added again at least for now what occupiers are doing no to mark the one-year anniversary know of start of the movement. exploring a touchy issue for some church doors in the bay area. who did a lot for president? when does the same- sex marriage or one that some and they definitely would hit the the celtics' center bart station is back open at this hour after it was evacuated when witnesses reported hearing an explosion.
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that's regis pulp but official who told me that this was caused by a motor overload which then triggers an electrical short. it's happened before and it tends to look a lot more dramatic than really is. this picture posted to twitter shows a plume of smoke covering the steps of the civic center but station in downtown san francisco. firefighters got a call about got a call about a possible explosion could the on call will end in divorce station was closed down. passengers told the board not be to stopping at civic center. terms of the was no fight appeared that a malfunction on the tracks which causes mo. possibly an overpowering on the first light vigil the food which it is the power in line. don't know if something touch it could well work touched the tracks.
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here's a look of the damage left behind. one woman was treated for smoke inhalation and taken away in an ambulance and no one else was hurt if an market closed for about an hour on a busy sunday. demolition system is right here on market street. firefighters and not know what caused the explosion. the train was coming in from pittsburgh a point and i was on the law we train coming into the east bay and at that about an incident like before it went into the trans mid to appear once we got in the train came to a stop. the energy content and he can possibly would not be stopping at civic center. we stopped two times after that chemlawn and said there was some kind of malfunction and most but should get off at embarcadero. once we find in the station on the. where people must become
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during that? people are mostly, just mostly confused. what you were getting on the night is to try to get into the city for the game. in nearly four hour standoff in new york police and police the sleep disorder at 815 this morning when police tried to serve aboard for a violent crime. the suspect was staying at the motel off of our ave. after several the negotiation team was called and the back up. but after the and the suspect from a can of his room was also inside during the standoff. their relationship to the suspect is still if it through a man has been arrested in connection with the boating crash that killed two people. and injured two others. police did jeffrey said the robber may have been under the influence of alcohol when putting on of the two power boats involved in the collision. he's charged with
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manslaughter. the crash happened last night at around 630 on a single bright leak and you the county. the names of the victims have not been released. it. the police are still investigating the accident investigators said two men were fishing near the bus as a bridge in napa county. just before 3:00 this morning police received reports that one of the men 26 road have fallen into the water. the neighbor in delhi and said she heard splashing and yelling in spanish. those funds bit after a few minutes. he was not a strong swimmer. maybe knew how to swim up to more like 78 buffalo. the to determine the river calling for help in the problem one on for about five minutes until he drifted away. so far only a pair of tennis shoes have been discovered when that victim was last seen.
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protesters plan to be back on the streets of san francisco to mark the one year anniversary of the occupied wall street movement. the target the former bankamerica building on california street. as you know it's been years since the occupied movement got under way in the bay area. not all the talk in the past year was good but that doesn't mean the movement has gone away. this is a handful of what you hydrosphere right now. just six right now. talked a moment ago with one of the organizers who says she's frustrated rich as a mother doesn't count. it's the billions of dollars of his funding these elections. it's coming from the pockets of the 99%. and because of that i can't do anything except to come here and occupied. an exercise my
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right to free speech and assembly. occupiers and a news release are saying that they're targeting the bankamerica center because it offices that harnesses of wall street companies. it's been in command of occupiers and for the federal reserve on market street since the mayor ordered them evicted from the embarcadero in january. in july cbs's mike sherman about that the movement was alive and well. if a bit low key. the forum the police need to lay off. back in july citations are complete driven. were second complaints from the public and the officers will go out there.
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no complexity of the bank of america building and police cars on standby loan from the size of the group so far doesn't like to be needed. < 2 months before the election. the two presidential canada is our going for ahead. a tough choice for some bit of order is what tacking a present for them is full of confl,, ,, ,,,,,,,,
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to toronto office or to be a busy week for local residential can this has had trouble for about once a split assistant to months until election day ohio tomorrow with stops in cincinnati and columbus. he'd left in the least trouble studio to ft to join nafta and wisconsin to republican challenger mitt romney plans to " hit list of voters. to speak to the less-chamber of commerce.
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he's expected to of fund-raising events and texas utah and florida this week. it can be seen by some as a worrisome message in a tight presidential race. some african-american clergy see no good can it in the race for president. it sunday at mount sun church in berkeley and for a summit means us time to talk politics. i don't make any recommendations my only push this to make sure that they go rich of the naacp is registering people here since the at the this season. in 2008 obama 1 over 95 percent of black voters. he's expected to get another overwhelming majority again. he can't afford to move fletch of that voting place. the president
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recently came out in support of same-sex marriage. touchy issue and especially at church. mitt romney is a mormon the which once more men of african descent from priesthood. i don't think their religious background denomination i believe that what they can do for the people what they can he do to affect change in our nation that becomes what's most important. this isn't about rights. this is about rights of rights chp ask. mostly it's just to get folks to stop and think about what's really at stake. there's a lot riding on enthusiasm. the rhythm of for the president is whether people shall to vote to make a difference to give the and the edge that he needs to beat gov. romney. i think you get excited
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because this is a real opportunity for their boards to be heard. and berkeley and mackovic cbs five. the mad and they're letting it be known. demonstrators in china are so angry at the japanese. nothing but peace and the trend toward the extent to which the towards the golden gate bridge. back to work for kasten is going to include some of this. low clouds and a bit of a change. [ male announcer ] it started long ago.
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there is disagreement
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between the u.s. ambassador to the united nation and libya as president over how the attack killed four americans and in gauzy began to investigators or bit of anti-american protests are still spreading for up the muslim world. demonstrators burned american flags. and threw rocks at police outside the u.s. consulate in pakistan. the clashes erupted on sunday when hundreds of people broke through a barrier near the complex. officials say the u.s. stepped inside is safe. but as one protester is dead and several others are injured good protest against an anti is a movie produced in america exploded this what past week. a ambassador chris stevens had three other americans died in and also in libya. on face the nation u.s. ambassador to the admission said that evidence shows the attack began as a
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spontaneous protests. it's clear the worst extremist elements that the joint and escalated the violence. a libyan president disagrees and believes it was premeditated. the with the perpetrators acted moved and chose a specific date with this so-called demonstration this leaves us with no doubt that this was preplanned. and officials say they arrested 50 people connected with a gutsy attack. u.s. increasing security to protect u.s. personnel overseas. a territorial dispute with japan. demonstrators in china that has demonstrated for a second day in a row. both countries have been fighting all the islands in the pacific
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ocean. after japan decided tuesday to buy the islands protesters the city streets sang it a provocative violation of sovereignty. this situation is so volatile that defense secretary says china and japan are heading towards war. yesterday more than 50 cities across china reported act of violence. it will not be the last forecast until the weekend. we're looking at some clear skies and the incident and warm temperatures but along the shoreline to log in both clubs are moving back in. 85 degrees in concord 64 in oakland. 74 degrees in santa rosa. if you degrees a day as we get towards around tuesday. and wednesday amid weak we want up lots of sunshine this week. for fun list
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with a big what is happening. it a lot of showers is heading up towards houston after marching through dallas. it's down there in the gulf of getting the thunderstorms. the a total for this time of year. + some of the most stable weather in the country. will probably get off to a bit of a cottage start tomorrow and will get some but midmorning except at the beach. high-pressure getting away too low pressure. the numbers are going to come down. will see some of the clubs and that clearly chile around the bay. teacher class is showing calls come back in. mostly sunny day for us tomorrow after about 10:00 in the morning prayer after heading out of the date 98 in sacramento. shouldn't be any delays in the airport. an
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overnight lows tonight will be mostly in the '50s for the bay area. and for the rest of the week will begin to cool off a bed. but only a few degrees today the numbers will not be coming down too terribly much. the the coming down to about 80 degrees report to the east bay 75 pesetas a and 81 morgan hill hit a 3 credit would 79 or so numb. the extended forecast low 80s will do it for the next three or four days. as we get towards the weekend it looks nice. and there is your back to work for cats. most of the spent watching the raiders game. of reuters all the time. we're still waiting for that first win. he is co for a suite. highlights post and coming up
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next. ,, ♪
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he can win the raiders' season opening loss from bad snaps from the punting team. and after today the problems on this football team seeing significantly greater. today's
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opening of rookie quarterback fix a handoff and rolls up and takes it to a 2 yd score. the dolphins lead seven to nothing. my goods and take it vanished short pass plans a two windigos 64 yd catch and run. road is led 10 to 7 at half. second-half good. tell how many would-be tacklers miss them. four of them. 23 ers scored make it 14 to 10 miami. dolphins the back to work and feed the ball to the bell cow again. bush follows the lead in the 65 yds. he had hundred 72 rushing yards and two touchdowns. fourth quarter
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dolphin's pilot on. the since been in some first career touchdown pass. 2813 dolphins but many roles the road is birdie 5 to 18 hear it that should a good job of executing and picked up the matchups that they thought they might have had an advantage then. we have to go back to the drawing board and we'll look to see where we can improve for next week. i'm going to say that we have to execute better when up to coach better match to play better. we have to learn how to finish an office of the game. more action for weeks to. the redskins city on the rams. 68 yet scored and out of the redskins up 21 to 6 in the second quarter. send it was
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about that. forced the one of the fourth quarter. fake handoff to went had shut down the rams win 30 to 28. mrs. the 40 to each other that would have known that. most exciting new of the day. the amending through for 510 yds. the through the score jain said just come right back. on good brown sports and the giants win a war of one party want. mid been brought this to his attention and mike wallace bit he got both feet and to those wet 2710 they are coming to oakland next week and to take on the raiders. the forty-niners and mines are playing right now on sunday night football. spider-man and
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the a's. finish the sweep of the orioles. to run shot to win is the to do nothing with the hit the town and that of the year. top of the fourth tied to. such a home run of the gang. orioles win '95. the now students up on baltimore. look at the standings taxes once of in this fall for the back from the rangers and the american league west. the giants finished off their sweet and errors on a good chance at once and nothing. that scored a pair of the diamondbacks lead to one. tattoo he this was not your day. the picture clowns one down the line and that's a piece is
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clearly in trouble for the pitcher. the giants lived in the west is still 7 1/2 games. as the giants at the plan of rotation is or to be in and who's going to be out is the question. he's one of the best pitchers in the second half. six once lived in sin no sign of a team from the south bay. a friend's family and search crews aren't so more and why it is scaling back here stitch. is the endless sea last night went from 21 to 9 in the polls. he's wanted just in the polls. goodnight.
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